23 March 2016

I recently did a talk for Laura Pullig and her symposium on Nature and Technology about how some of my recent work has been about technical communities in Nature. Particularly I talked about my research leading up to my work with the collective I co-founded with Hwa Young Young and Glenn Boulter, Domestic Science for our Ok Sparks project. I talked about a few things;

  • Amateur Radio Morse Walkers
  • ITaaU Mountain Rescue Project
  • RAYS resilience networks
  • Lora Alliance

I also talked about MCQNs CockleCraft-Of-Things and some of these thoughts made their way into my approach to the Ok Sparks! project

I think after listening to all the other presenters and their ideas and particularly the many approaches to presenting artworks as DIY kits Neil Winterburn, Laura Pullig and I have began thinking about Critical Making. More on that soon..

You can read the content of the talk here