I'm an artist and researcher who sets up activity, events & systems to explore how knowledge is produced and shared. This is my current website hosted on github pages.

Alot of my work engages with a place or subject and then explores it by bringing together an often trans-discipline mix of people and collaborators.

I'm also interested in infrastructure; everything we make is built on something someone else has made or thought of. There's a critical history inside every tool we use, conceptual or technical. These days I'm working on a PhD that builds on my work with [CriticalKits](https://gitlab.com/redock/critical-kits) to look at Scientific Literacy, Agency and Resilience. It considers all kinds of 'kits' as a form of `material-discursive apparatus` in order to dig critically into the things we make and use to intervene in the world.

Some thoughts on tools

This website is built on Jekyll-Bootstrap and hosted for free on github pages; and like most things we use on the internet, and just like books, all built on other people's hard work. The content was previously on Tumblr, someone else's hard work.
I love Tumblr but wanted to take ownership of the content and be able to put it in a more standard and simpler form. Ideally this should be nice simple html but, well I found a way of exporting all my tumblr content safely into github pages while maintaining all the structure and meta data ie tags. As a recent convert to git and github and even gitprint and things like gitlab to maintain and project manage information, it made sense while also sensibly serve simple static webpages.
I like to celebrate the tools and knowledge we use to be creative. I'm consistently interested in who's knowledge we use and why. The use of tools is a connection to a wider community of knowledge beyond our individual experience and expression.
Much of my intent curatorially is to refer back and engage with the knowledge I aquire and profit from.