14 October 2013

Pulling stuff together this week for #minecraft #cardboard textures for the Open Hardware Jam at @Oggcamp 19- 20 October 2013, this weekend at the Art & Design Academy at LJMU. Looking to do some minecraft construction using @defproc ’s amazing TriLateration (TLRN) crane fresh from its public debut at MiniMaker Faire Manchester and the AND Fair at AND Festival…

Maybe one day we can make cardboard redstone with RaspberryPi’s and conductive ink?

I’m made up to be one of the Open Hardware Jam organisers alongwith Patrick Fenner and Dan Lynch. It’s an informal jam of diverse disruptive and open source thinking, systems, artworks and products from all over the UK from the internet of things to local letterpress printing, GSR bodysensing to minecraft to community PCB production: its going to be a totally hybrid physical and virtual experience!