18 June 2014

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PUBLICENGINEERING is a response to Bochum in the Ruhr region of Germany losing a big part of its car industry, an Opel factory (owned by General Motors) while counterpart GM factories remain open like the one in Ellesmere Port near Liverpool.

Local cultural organisations in Bochum set up artistic projects in response to this, one of which they invited Ross Dalziel to develop through curator Paul Domela.

PUBLICENGINEERING is a family friendly event for local engineers, hackers, makers and industrial hobbyists to take part in a cardboard construction production line. It’s a collaboration between Ross, DasLabor Bochum’s Hackerspace , DoESLiverpool and Patrick Fenner

Its a way of placing DasLabor on a public platform and as a model for future social and economic practice. DasLabor already do yearly socail events like this but for PUBLICENGINEERING a specific collaborative event was setup based on an exchange between  DoESLiverpool the maker/co-working space Ross is based at and DasLabor.

The project is a celebration of DIY engineering, maker and hackspace culture in the Ruhr region. It’s an attempt to discuss strategies & practices that retain & support technical knowledge in a region that loses part of it’s industry.

The Clip above shows Marcus Brinkmann discussing DasLabor and hackspace culture and learning in tech with curator Paul Domela, Ross, Katti Granneman, Kai Michaelis, Laurenz Holthoff, Maira das Neves, Pedro Victor Brandao and Aurel Thurn from UrbaneKunstRuhr,

DasLabor image