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Cheapjack is me, Ross Dalziel, an artist who sets up activity, events & makes systems to explore how knowledge is produced and shared.

I like to play with how research & knowledge is produced; who makes it, receives it, where they make it and how.

I usually put together events, systems and situations that explore this. I then bring people from different disciplines together to make things happen. I’m based at DoES Liverpool a brilliant Makerspace in the heart of Liverpool City Centre.

  • Amateur Astronomers
  • Amatuer Radio Operators
  • Artists
  • Canoeing clubs
  • Chemical Factory Employees
  • Computer Scientists
  • Decap Organ Restorers
  • Engineers
  • Musicians
  • Hackspaces
  • Nintendo DS Programmers
  • Planespotters
  • Political Academics
  • Sailors

I’ve done this for people like Octopus Collective, FACT, The Crafts Council, PRS for Music Foundation, National Museums Liverpool, Tate Liverpool, Ultima Contemporary Music Oslo, Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art, SoundNetwork, Arts Council England, AND Festival, Liverpool Biennial, Halton Borough Council and Urbane Kunst Ruhr.

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