3D Print Club Futures 🔮

3D Printing Community interest group at the Neuromuscular Centre

3D Print Club Futures 🔮

We’ve been working together for over 2 years now designing, thinking, printing, tinkering, measuring and of course printing. Below are some images and links to files to summarise all the amazing stuff we’ve made and just some of what we’ve learned together.

Past Models

Future Wish list

  • 3D Print Shed!

Realistically we need an area for 3D printing so we can control airflow and keep the temperature stable but we also need it to fit with the NMC ways of working

  • Cover for the 3D printer

This helps keep a steady temperature for printing

  • Prusa printer to extend our capacity

One printer for printing, another for prototyping

  • Run an ongoing printer repair shop and prototype different kinds of printers

We’re looking at printing unusual materials, bio materials, ceramic, foodstuff

  • Fusion 360 tutorials - teach ourselves Fusion a more powerful 3D design software - although we get on well with TinkerCAD and OpenSCAD

Using TinkerCAD and OpenSCAD is great but Fusion360 is far more advanced and an industry standard, free for hobbyist use but alot more difficult to use. We hape to start using this soon

  • Tinkercad Workshops for NMC members run by the club - for beginners designing 3D objects
  • Design workshops for augmenting real things - 3D printed wheelchair ramps
  • Ender3 printer chassis & parts for prototyping unusual materials, extended bed sizes etc.

  • Wall rack for Filament storage
  • 3D Scanner