WhitCraft Status

WhitCraft Status 2

The Whitworth Art Gallery commissioned a Minecraft server for Minecraft: Pocket Edition to add to the visitor experience of 2015’s Museum of the Year and is designed to be used on Whitworth iOS devices or visitors own mobile devices during their visit using the Gallery’s public wifi or at home. The internal server can be used by prior arrangement with the Whitworth team or can be accessed as described below.

Made with PocketMine-MP, a server software for Minecraft: Pocket Edition. It has a Plugin API that enables a developer to extend it and add new features, or change default ones https://www.pocketmine.net/ Hats off to the awesome work of @shoghicp


Getting Started on the Public Server

Using your own WiFi



Player limit 20

Staying Safe

The NSPCC have this great online guide for parents and carers and players if you have any concerns about online safety.

The internal WhitCraft server is white-listed while the public one is not, but all server logs are recorded. If you have any concerns please contact Steven Roper at the Whitworth Art Gallery or any staff member.

We cannot accept any liabilty for what may happen on these servers but will endeavour to block any inappropriate behaviour where possible and can ban players where necessary.

Interested in Minecraft PE for Education?

You can contact the education team from the Whitworth Learning Pages and book to use the resource or enquire about Creative Professional Development events and Minecraft Masterclasses. If you want to know a bit more about Minecraft in education you can have a look at the FAQ here

Status, Compatibility & Versions

Have a look below to see if our server is compatible with your client. We aim to keep track of updates while maintaining essential plugins and ensuring compatibility. The External server is prioritised but updates can lag depending on availability of development builds. If you love the server and want to minimise downtime turn off auto-update in the Play Store or iTunes!

A new update to PHP 7 the programming language pocketmine-MP runs on in Oct 2015 may cause some delays to the External server updates but watch this space as latest versions offer cross platform play with Windows 10 minecraft which is currently untested

Server Server Address Server Port Online? Server Version iOS Version Android Version
Internal (private) whitcraft.playat.ch 19135 <ul><li>[ ] </li> 1.6dev-52 (API 1.13) v0.13.1 alpha v0.13.1 alpha
External (public) whitcraft.uk 19132 <ul><li>[ ] </li> 1.6dev-27(API 2.0.0) v0.15.0 alpha v0.15.0

Click on the image below and Whitworth artist William Blake will use his transcendent visionary powers to give you a flythrough tour of the map ;)